Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On Crying

I have a confession: I like to cry. No wait. I luuuuuuve to cry.

Crying makes me feel so good! Having said that. I don't cry all that much. I used to cry more but these days I'm just too tired to cry!

I watch soppy movies just to cry.
I cry when I want something from my husband (and it works everytime ;) - he melts with my first tear).
Sometimes I imagine something happening to one of my kids and I cry (I know, crazy right? but I did say I'd 'bare it all').
Oh, and I cry when I'm happy too.

I actually think that I'm healthier BECAUSE I cry.
Crying is good for you. It lets some of those emotions out. They say "People who don't cry are full of tears" and I think there is some truth to that. People who don't cry are not happier. They are just not showing how sad or unhappy they are.

People who don't express their emotions through crying or writing or singing at the top of their voices (whatever works for you - if I sang it'd only make others cry!) are left to carry those emotions for as long as they will not express them. So isn't it better to get rid of it now?

(Perhaps I should remember that next time my kids are having a "crying day"!)

I had a patient say to me once that if she leaves my office without having cried, she feels like she hasn't got her money's worth. So if I have a patient who is clearly trying to hold back tears, I will push them to cry, because I know that when they cry, they leave a little of the hurt behind.

So CRY I say! You may not feel very good while you are crying, but trust me, in the long run, you'll thank me. Sit down, have a good cry, but don't wallow in it. After you've had a good cry, pick yourself up and get going again.

I love crying. I only wish I could have a beautiful Demi-Moore-in-Ghost kinda cry. Mine is more of a blotchy face, sobbing kind of cry.

It might sound like I'm a blubbering mess half the time, but I actually can't remember the last time I cried, so it can't be happening all that often.

So help me out! Recommend a sad movie! And lets all cry and make the world a healthier place!


  1. There is a women's ceremony in some of the Aus Aboriginal cultures, called something like a crying ceremony. When it's needed (& they just know when) the women go out before dawn to a special place & cry together. When dawn comes, they take hold of the hope of a new day & leave the tears behind. I wish I was raised with something like that, it sounds like it would be very healthy for the spirit!

  2. That Is beautiful. We should definitely be taking a page out of that book!


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