Monday, 21 November 2011

Subliminal Sex in Disney?

Warning, do not read this post with your kids.

Companies have used sex to sell their products ever since the advertising craze started. Some do it overtly, others use more sneaky methods: subliminal sex!

Following my post last week, some were surprised. Some sceptic. Some disgusted.

But did you know that kids movies also have subliminal messages? And worst: subliminal SEX messages.

Don't believe me? Take a look at these images from Disney movies...

Do you see it?

Take a closer look...

What about The Rescuers...

Unh hun! That's a naked woman in the window.

This scene from "Who framed Roger Rabbit" has Jessica Rabbit flashing her bits as she steps out of the taxi.

Never noticed? It happens too fast for your conscious mind to pick it up. But don't worry, your subconscious has seen it before.

Mickey Mouse and Snow White have also joined the party.

Can you see the sex in this promo shot?

Try again...

And finally...

And just in case you missed it...
There are reportedly subliminal messages in all of Disney's movies, and a group of adepts race to be the first ones to find them as soon as a new movie comes out.

There are all sorts of theories about why Disney does it, ranging from mind control to bored artists to innocent mistakes.

I'll let you decide.

What are your thoughts?