Monday, 5 December 2011

How NOT to propose.

Last week-end I was out at the local bowls club for dinner with a couple of friends.

All of a sudden a group of people start cheering.

We eventually work out that someone has proposed to his girlfriend. And she said YES.
She said YES??!

Unh-Hun! She said yes when he proposed to her AT THE LOCAL BOWLS CLUB!!

Can it get much worst?? Who proposes at the local bowls club?? If that'd been me, I would've said "TRY AGAIN!"

I'm not saying it needs to be an expensive exercise. Take me to the beach, even propose at home over dinner and candles. But for pete's sake NOT AT THE LOCAL BOWLS CLUB!

The only time that would be acceptable is if it was one of those movie moments where they've had an argument and he's leaving the country tomorrow and he comes to the local bowls club where she works and tells her he can't live without her, will she marry him!! Then yes! But not like this! Not over dinner at the local bowls club!

I was going to write a post about how NOT to propose but there are so many ways NOT to propose (with a borrowed ring, with a ring your mum has chosen, while saying "I couldn't find anyone better than you") that I've given up.
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Just please don't do it at the local bowls club!

How did you get engaged? What are the no-nos for you?