Friday, 16 December 2011

Will donate for "likes"...

With only 4 days to go, I'm reposting this one.
On the 1st of December I pledged to donate 50c for every 'like' and new follower that I got on Facebook, Twitter and my blog.
Some of you suggested Oxfam as the organisation to donate to, so that's what we're doing. With the money we raise, we can buy breakfast for kids, some farm animals for a family or contribute to a woman's shelter.

At the moment, you've raised enough money to donate a piglet or a goat, or 4 chickens or 2 mozzie nets.

Image from the Oxfam website

Once the 20th comes, I'll be running a poll to see what you want the money to buy.
Image from the Oxfam website

So spread the word!!

The original post:
I went shopping today and came back with some new decorations for the Christmas tree.

While we were putting them up, hubby saw the price tags ($40 total) and said: "That could feed a whole family for a week in Afghanistan!"

He was saying it jokingly.
Knowing him, he would've spent much more if he'd gone shopping. I'm the reasonable one in this relationship!

But it got me thinking... and feeling guilty (that bloody guilt again!). I spent $40 on pretty little items to put on my tree. And there are families out there who go hungry. Parents who can't put presents under the christmas tree.

I am not suggesting that we stop enjoying Christmas because some are not as privileged. But maybe we can give something back.

Not very long ago someone posted on this topic (so sorry, but I've forgotten who it was). I commented and said that I'd think about a way I could give back and that she could hold me to it. Well I've figured it out.

This is what I'm going to do: for every new "like" I get on Facebook, and every new "follower" I get on Twitter and for every new member on this site, between now and midday on the 20th of December, I will donate 50 cents. It may not sound like a lot, but in a month and a half of blogging I've had almost 300 likers on Facebook alone - I'm a bit nervous about making it any more just in case you ruin me!

As it stands right now (1st of December at 9:21pm), there are:
274 Facebook likers
84 Twitter Followers
and 56 Site members.

I haven't yet thought about what to do with the money. Some ideas are: buy presents and donate to an organisation who distributes them to the underprivileged kids, blankets for the homeless, gifts for older people who don't have family?

What do you think? Do you know of any organisation that we could donate the money or gifts bought with the money to?

This is one starfish we can throw back in the ocean. (If I've just lost you, check out this post: Making a difference... one starfish at a time...)

I'm linking this one up to Flog Yo Blog Friday, hosted by Glowless. Heaps of other great blogs there.