Thursday, 1 December 2011

What is Mickey Mouse doing under the sea??

This one is just for fun...

Recently I posted about hidden sex messages in Disney movies.
So now that you are all enlightened, did you know that Disney also hides Disney characters in other disney movies?

The reason? That depends how far along the conspiracy-believing spectrum you are.
Some say its just for a bit of fun.
Others believe it is about getting the adult Disney nerds enthusiasts to pour over each movie to try and find the hidden characters.
For the skeptics amongst us, this is Disney's way of subliminally getting us to seek and buy other Disney movies.

Here are a few examples:

The Beast in Aladdin

Scar in Hercules

Lotso in Up

Sebastian in Aladdin

Mickey, Goofy and Donald in The Little Mermaid

Mrs Potts and Chip in Tarzan

And there are hundreds of those. Pretty much in every Disney movie.

Ever noticed them?