Monday, 21 November 2011

Cake, a great book and a giveaway!

Kids are finally both down for their afternoon nap and I'm sitting down with a piece of cake and a book.

Finally a book that takes an honest look at the struggles of parenthood!!

It is full of real life accounts of individuals who have battled with, and recovered from postnatal depression and anxiety.

The book not only targets parents suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety, but also family and friends supporting sufferers. It is also a great resource for allied health professionals.

But perhaps the greatest asset of this book, is the emphasis on how treatable postnatal depression and anxiety are. It offers hope, encouragement and support.

I have been lucky enough to not suffer from PND myself, and I am still finding this book so fascinating, so refreshing in it's honesty. So I highly recommend it to anyone who has kids or knows someone who is suffering from PND.

A great resource!

The good people at Exisle Publishing have just sent me 3 copies of the book to giveaway!! Woohoo!

So here's how this is going to work:

Firstly, to win a book, you need to be a member of my blog, so go on and click on the link to join.

Then, leave me a comment below, saying that you are interested in winning the book.

To increase your chances of winning, refer, refer, refer!

One copy will go to whoever has referred the highest number of "competitors" (they need to be members too and make sure they mention that you referred them). Let's call this winner, Jane Doe.

One name will be drawn from Jane Doe's pool of referrals.

And one name will be drawn randomly.

The competition is open until the 30th of November at 5pm Australian Eastern time and I'm happy to ship overseas so get referring and good luck!!

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