Friday, 11 November 2011

Current Happenings: Being 14 and facing jail term

If you haven't heard about the 14 year old teenager who is facing jail term in Indonesia, you either don't live in Australia or you need to get rid of that rock you are living under!

He was allegedly caught with 3.6gms of Marijuana and faces up to 6 years in jail. The prosecutors have however requested 3 months.

Still, 3 months. Can you imagine your child going to jail for three months?

Now, I'm all for consequences. And I like to think that if my child was caught with drugs, I would push for consequences. But seriously, jail term seems extreme!

I've been wondering why it sits so uncomfortably with me.

It's not really his age. I don't buy the whole "he's a kid, he didn't know what he was doing" argument. Of course he knew! And he knew it was wrong. If he had committed another crime, say murder I would find jail term an appropriate consequence.

No, it's not his age. It's his crime.

It was Marijuana.
It was 3.6gms for goodness sake!
And you want to stick him in JAIL?
I think I would find that a bit extreme even for an adult! (And in case you are wondering, no I don't do drugs!).

And what is jail going to do? Teach him a lesson? Don't you think that he has learnt his lesson already? And I reckon if this hasn't scared the drugs out of him, then time in prison is going to make absolutely no difference!

In my opinion, going to jail will only traumatise him further and turn him into a bitter adult who is much more likely to re-offend.

I can't imagine how scared he must be right now. And I can't imagine what his parents are going through. This must be an absolute nightmare.

What do you think? Should he go to jail?