Monday, 28 November 2011

Is YOUR husband any good?

Last week, hubby and I had a big argument and we resorted to the silent treatment for 4 days!

Very childish, I agree!

I was just so over talking and trying to reason with him!
Long story, but basically he was doing something which I felt was selfish and he was not considering the impact this was having on the rest of the family.

Anyway, we eventually had a big chat in the car on the way to a barbeque and sorted things out. He promised he would make an effort.


We'd left the kids with a babysitter and around 9.30pm I said we should start thinking of heading home (we'd been out since 5pm) as bub would be due for another feed around 10.30pm and I'd only left one bottle with the babysitter.

At 10.00pm I said we definitely had to go, at which point hubby said: "would you mind going and I'll get a lift home later?"

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He said this in front of everyone too, which made me feel like I couldn't possibly say 'no' without sounding like a total bitch who's got her husband under the thumb!

So I said, "up to you", which really meant: "you've got to be kidding RIGHT?" but he didn't get that and stayed back as I headed home.

I was so angry and hurt!!

Why do I have to go home, to feed bub while he stays out and has fun?

How selfish was that!

I have a good husband really. Most of the time. Just not right now!

Anyone want to swap husbands??

Is your partner sometimes selfish?
Do you share the load equally when it comes to the kids?
Feel free to add your rant below!