Wednesday, 23 November 2011

On failing my 30 Day Sex Challenge

So I failed my 30 Day Sex Challenge.

It started really well. On day 9, my score was 7.5/9.
Then we started falling behind a bit... on day 15, we were 10/15.
And this last week, it's happened once! So on day 23, we are 11/23.

Still more sex than we've had in ages, but I've officially given up on the challenge.

And the 'one' was a bit of a joke too!
First, when I snuggled up to hubby, and indicated that I was keen, he said "what have you got?" and that annoyed me so much! I mean, he should be grateful that he's been getting it so much recently! Plus it's mainly been about him, with not much focus on me. Which is quite ok with me as quickies don't work all that well for me!

And yet, he was suggesting, that I should be trying to convince him! Get lost! (And I told him that too! Then he quickly changed his tune).
Then in the heat of it, bub decided to wake up and I don't know about you, but a crying baby is a definite mood killer for me!
And to top it all up, the sound of my crying baby brought on a let down! Milk squirting all over, not a good look!

Why did we fail? For lots of reasons.
Being tired, kids.
But mostly, I think it's just about impossible to have sex everyday for 30 days. Well, it is for us anyway. Especially with kids.

In my post on Sex, I said that the way I dealt with sex was to have a "just do it" attitude (which often led to thinking that it wasn't so bad afterall, and we really should do it more often). Well recently I saw a Nike T-Shirt that read "Every damn day... Just do it". And I'm all for just doing it, BUT EVERY DAMN DAY???

I have to say, there have been some real eye-openers and other benefits to this challenge (so in the end, it wasn't a total failure):

1. Because we were having sex everyday, we had to spice it up a bit. I mean, if you are having sex once a week or less, the missionary position is ok. Just the act of having sex is exciting enough. But when you are doing it everyday, it gets kind of boring. It helped us rediscover some long-forgotten passion.

2. I actually started looking forward to it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I did. I have to admit, at some point, it actually stopped feeling like a chore (not sure how long that's going to last!)

3. The biggest reason why we haven't had sex much this last week, has been because hubby was too tired. He is always complaining that we are not having enough sex, but this challenge actually got me thinking that maybe he doesn't want to have sex all that often either. Perhaps it's just an image he is trying to keep up to. Maybe in reality, he is quite happy with sex once a week too. That's one I still need to explore with him.

So to conclude this challenge, I now have a new motto:

"Just do it...
but not every damn day!"

Big THANK YOU to Daisy from Daisy, Roo and Two for getting me onto this challenge. You should check her out, she's a horny hippo!

Let's have some confessions: how often do you have sex? and what's your motto? (Feel free to post anonymously ;-p)