Thursday, 24 November 2011

5 things you didn't know about Anna Millie

So Lee from Mummy Issues awarded the Versatile Blogger Award to me.

As such, I need to tell you 5 things about me, and pass on the award to another 5 bloggers.

I've been thinking for days about what to tell you about me without giving away too much, in order to remain anonymous.

So I've decided to tell you about Anna, rather than the real me. Here goes:

1. Anna Millie, the name.
I came up with Anna, because she was Freud's daughter. Please don't ask me who Freud is! Google it if you don't know. And do yourself a favour: don't tell anyone you didn't know.

Millie was short for Emilie, a name I've always liked.

2. Anna was born on the 17th of October 2011. Only, on her Facebook page it says 1975. See, Facebook won't let you sign up unless you are over 13 years old. 1975 may or may not be my real year of birth.

3. Anna has more friends on Facebook than the real me! In my defense though, I don't accept everyone who wants to be my friend. Anna does. She's a bit of a slut like that!

4. Some of my acquaintances are friends with Anna Millie and don't know that we are the same person. (Now everyone who knows a psychologist is wondering if it's them!)

5. Sometimes Anna reports things a few days or weeks before or after they have actually occured, so as not to give away who she is. She never makes up stuff though. If I buy a new car and Anna talks about it on her blog, it might be a dead giveaway!

There you go!

And my nominations for the Versatile Blogger awards are....

Sara from Tis the life
Seana from
Denyse from Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist
Alyce from Blossom Heart
and Glowless from Where's my Glow

Let it out ladies! Let's have some confessions!!!!!!!!!

I'm linking this one to Flog Yo Blog Friday hosted by Sara at Tis The Life in the absence of Glowless